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What We Do

  • Help buyers define needs and set budget.

  • Locate vehicles locally, regionally, and nationally.

  • Manage all communication with dealership representatives.

  • Negotiate price, trade-in value, extended service plans and other financial items.

  • Manage financing and after-market items.

  • Accompany buyer to car dealership.

  • Schedule car for delivery to home, if requested.

  • "Troubleshoot" any issues that may arise related to your purchase/lease.

  • Offer other services (see "Services" tab) leading to your complete satisfaction and "peace of mind."

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  • Help consumers buy/lease and sell vehicles. Negotiate vehicle price, the finance or lease contract. Confirm that the consumer is receiving all "specials" and factory rebates advertised on dealer and manufacturer websites.

  • Help consumers evaluate and negotiate equitable pricing for vehicle extended service plans/warranties, GAP insurance and other items offered by the selling dealer's finance department. 

  • Help consumers up-fit their vehicle with after-market accessories, by finding the right vendor, with top quality and reasonable price.

  • Educate consumers on marketplace trends, as well as the financial obligations of your purchase.

  • Directly contact or refer the consumer to qualified insurance providers to arrange for (or update) vehicle insurance coverage on your new vehicle.

  • Provide legal information about automobile and vehicle financing, loans, leases and insurance. Refer consumers to attorneys who can provide specific consumer guidance regarding any dispute with a selling car dealer or manufacturer.

  • Help owners/collectors of classic cars buy or sell.

  • Help owners/collectors of performance vehicles buy or sell.

  • Arrange for vehicle storage on a temporary basis.

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