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CARtegrity is a consumer-focused vehicle consulting firm offering concierge services to individuals wishing to purchase or lease or sell vehicles in an easy, convenient and cost-effective manner. Our team has more than 75 years of combined experience in the automotive industry and financial world buying and selling cars, and negotiating complex financial transactions. Working for the consumer, we find vehicles and develop relationships with car dealers to produce the best deals for our customers.

We do the vehicle searching and talking, arrange test drives, and negotiate price, financing and service plans. And, we can even coordinate for the vehicle to be dropped off at your front door!


CARtegrity works for you and not a car dealership.

Relationships Matter

We are a relationship-based automotive and finance specialist and seek to get our customers the best price possible on a vehicle. CARtegrity wants to ease the stresses associated with buying a vehicle and shorten the time it takes to complete a purchase. Most importantly, we are focused on building relationships with the people we work with and want to create customers for life!  

Customers Save

CARtegrity will save customers time and money when we guide you to purchase the vehicle best suited to their needs and budget. Using our extensive industry knowledge, we will negotiate all aspects of a purchase or sale. We will never encourage you to buy what the dealer has in inventory and would like to sell you.

We Work for our Clients and NOT the Car Dealers.


Charlie Sena

Charlie Sena founded CARtegrity to help take the stress out of buying a vehicle for the average person. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, automotive sales advisor and turnaround specialist. Mr. Sena previously served as a municipal finance investment banker with CS First Boston, wealth manager with Merrill Lynch and was a former senior aide to the California State Controller. He resides in Oceanside, Calif. and spends most of his time working on great car deals. 

Mike Klyde.jpeg

Mike Klyde
Director, Vehicle Industry Strategy

Mike Klyde serves CARtegrity with his deep knowledge and unparalleled insights into the evolving automotive industry. His experience includes serving Cypress College as an automotive technology professor and coordinator of the top Toyota T-Ten program in the USA. Mr. Klyde is the author of two automotive textbooks for CDX and is the owner of a classic car collection. He is often seen driving a vintage vehicle or on the road competing in car club events.

Tom Marzerka
Car Guy. Classics Expert.

Tom is a car guy that loves to find value and appreciation in obscure and unique places. He supports CARtegrity’s collectibles and special vehicles division, dealing in the rarities and the limited production side of our business. 

Dan Peragine
Car Guy and Art Director

Dan Peragine serves CARtegrity with his passion for cars and strategic insight into the automotive industry. A former educator at the University of Nebraska and later his tenure at the Winston School in Del Mar, Calif. he taught and mentored special needs students dramatically improving their chances for success in life.

Mark Franzen
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Franzen, CPA, provides strategic accounting and financial guidance to CARtegrity. He has helped to guide a diverse set of technology companies through IPOs, mergers/acquisition and business acquisition during his several decades in the start-up sector.

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