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Services & Pricing

CARtegrity is a consumer-focused vehicle consulting firm offering concierge services to individuals wishing to purchase/lease or sell vehicles in an easy, convenient and cost-effective manner.

CARtegrity works for and is paid by you, the consumer, not by a car dealer. Our deal process and fees are transparent.

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  1. Help consumers buy/lease and sell vehicles. Negotiate vehicle price, the finance or lease contract, after market items, and vehicle extended service plans.

  2. Help consumers up-fit their vehicle with after-market accessories, by finding the right vendor, with top quality and reasonable price.

  3. Educate consumers on marketplace trends, as well as the financial obligations of your purchase.
  4. Help collectors of performance vehicles buy or sell.

Service Levels

Coach (Level 1)
Starting at $250*

One phone call up to 90 minutes, before you start the car buying process. You handle the process thereafter and visit dealers on your own.

Coach (Level 2)
Starting at $500*

Two phone calls plus telephonic participation while you are at the car dealer making your purchase.

Speciality & Luxury Vehicles
Call for estimate**

Please contact CARtegrity at (949) 873-3744 to discuss customized logistics and fees.

Full Concierge
Starting at $950**

We handle the process start to finish –– we listen to your needs, find the right vehicle, then coordinate discussions with one or more selling dealers. When we land on the right vehicle at a certain dealer, we meet at the dealer or your home/office for your test drive and to complete the deal.

*Fee payable in advance.
**1/2 of the fee payable in advance; the other 1/2 upon completion of the deal

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